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The Magic Book

 By Carolyn Griffith

Once upon a time, there was a magic book. This book grew every time it was shared. For centuries, it was passed from great minds to kings and queens and even to simple farmers. With each person, it grew longer, every person adding their own piece. The book became filled with sage advice, delicious recipes, gallant tales, and romantic poems.

After each person added to it, the book would magically appear to the next person, eager for the next story. One day, the book appeared to a little boy. He poured over the pages, but was quickly bored by the endless expanse of words. Taking his pen and paintbrush, he began to draw and color around the beautiful words. With each stroke, the pages came alive with color and imagination. What had once just been pages of words, became a magical land full of beauty and creativity. After each page had been touched by the boy, the book was filled with magnificent splendor, inspiring and awing everyone who saw it forever after. The boy’s creativity inspired others who added their own flare to the pages.  


This magical book is like our minds. With each new idea or fact, our minds expand and the more that is shared with us, the more it expands. Just like the book, our minds are never finished growing. There is always more to learn, more to discover, more pages to be added. With each page we add, another page appears, eager to be filled. However, often our pages are only filled with words. We need someone like the boy in our story to add color and imagination to those pages. Art is the hero of the story of our minds. It comes behind the endless words, filling in the empty spaces with beauty. However, in order for minds to grow, the knowledge and creativity must be shared in some way.

Sharing knowledge and creativity can be done in many ways.

Telling a story can educate or entertain and strengthens bonds between the teller and the listener. Drawing or painting a picture ignites the imagination and immortalizes a small piece of the world.

Poetry gives us a way to share emotion with beautiful words and when it is put to music has the power to inspire, uplift or even sadden.

Even something as small as telling a joke or cooking a meal can add knowledge, laughter, and meaning to a day.

Every one of these items is an expression of creativity that adds beauty, depth and wisdom to the ever expanding book of our minds. They give us opportunities to interact with others and expand our minds which in turn allows us to share more, drawing us closer as people. Thus encouraging this expression is crucial to do from a young age.

Encouraging this expression is an important tenet of Creative Plains Foundation. Each month we sponsor a variety of activities meant to educate children and encourage creativity. Our monthly activities include reading programs, art workshops, community events and supply donations to other non profit groups. Every activity allows us to connect in new ways and encourage various forms of education and creativity.

We would love for you to join us in sharing creativity with the world around us. Please visit Facebook for upcoming events and check out our website for donation opportunities. We look forward to working with you to expand creative opportunities for youth in our community.