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Help Us Create Worlds this Giving Tuesday

By Carolyn Griffith

Sally lived in a world trapped in her mind; one of imagination and beauty. It was an exciting place for her, and she longed to share it with those around her. However, every time she tried to manifest it on paper, the picture was not right. Her hands seemed incapable of bringing her world to life.

 Sally’s mother saw her daughter’s imagination in her eyes, and the struggle of not being able to share it. She tried to encourage her efforts, but Sally grew more discouraged by the day. One day, fate led her to an after school art program where she hoped that Sally would finally be able to bring her world to life.

 Sally started the program with butterflies dancing in her stomach. Would she finally be able to share her world? She learned about watercolors, drawing, sculpting, and painting, each lesson enabling her to bring another piece of her world to life. By the end, Sally’s world had emerged in vivid color and texture.

 At the final exhibit, her face shone as she told the stories of her world. In a few short weeks, she had become the master of worlds and the creator of beauty.


Each of us has a world inside of us that is sometimes difficult to bring it to life and share with other people. But what if we could? How much better would we be able to connect and understand each other? We believe that self expression has a significant impact on how we relate to and understand other people and that art provides a great platform to share experiences.  Sparking creativity and increasing access to these opportunities is our goal at Creative Plains Foundation and we are thrilled to introduce our Art After School Program.

From Christine Jaeger, Executive Director

Let’s talk about our Art After School Program and #GivingTuesday!

The Art After School Series is a free income based arts education program catering to youth in our community.

Art education can have a positive effect on youth that are facing tough circumstances in their life. Studies have shown that kids who have access to art education tend to do better in school, are more likely to enroll in college, and become adults that are more engaged in their communities.

This year, during this season of giving, we want you to remember the children in our community who do not have access to art education and could benefit from Art After School and Creative Plains Foundation.

There are many ways that you can help!

  1. Share this and tell people about us
  2. Volunteer or donate your time
  3. Donate monetarily! Every dollar donated will help buy supplies for this program

#GivingTuesday #CreativePlains #Arteducationmatters

Each Sally deserves a chance to share their world and I hope you will join us in making that happen.