Intro to Acting Program aims to teach students life skills through acting. Having to listen and contribute during classes helps to develop key focus skills. It teaches children to build greater concentration and keep their minds on the current task. It also teaches adaptation to changing situations, public speaking and self confidence. Kids learn how important their role is to a group activity and how to work together.


Intro to Acting is a free, income-based program offered to students in grades 3-6. Students will learn to use voice and movement, explore emotions, build characters, investigate storytelling, and discover how scripts and scenes are brought to life. This 6 week series will provide a strong foundation for any student interested in acting, theatre, and the performing arts while building skills that will enhance their communication and collaboration abilities.


  • Week 1 – Class Introduction and Voice and Movement

  • Week 2 – Emotions

  • Week 3 – Building a Character

  • Week 4 – Storytelling

  • Week 5 – Understanding Text and Scene Work

  • Week 6 – Rehearsal