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When you become a member of Creative Plains you get instant access to our full resource library which contains art lesson plans, supply lists, how-to videos, and other visual arts curriculum.

Each year, new Art Club Lesson Plans with instructional videos are added to our resource library.


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Art Club Lesson Plans are project-based art lessons that teach a specific skill tied to a creative career. These projects are guided by the instructor and completed by individual students. Supplies are typically under $4 per project per student.

Art Activity Workbooks are full of self-guided activities for kids. Each volume features 9 activities that explore drawing and design concepts.

Virtual Art Classes are 45-minute pre-recorded workshops that were developed to be accessible to all ages and utilize simple materials that can be found at home. The projects don't require special tools or materials so anyone can watch and explore their creativity while they follow along with our instructors.

Intro to Visual Arts is an 8-week cumulative introduction to basic fine art mediums. This program includes lesson plans and visual aids for each week as well as project ideas to be completed by students. The curriculum covers Drawing, Color Theory, Painting (Watercolor & Acrylic), Sculpture (Clay), and Mixed Media.


  • 8 Unique Volumes featuring 9 activities each

  • Grades K-12+ friendly

  • 72 self-guided activities

  • Drawing prompts & ideas

  • PDF Download & Print

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  • Pre-recorded follow-along workshops

  • 45 min - 1 hr in length

  • Accessible to all ages

  • Simple at-home supplies

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Variety of accessible & affordable mediums explored


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  • 6 part curriculum introducing fine art mediums - Drawing, Painting, Color Theory, Clay, and Mixed Media

  • Visual Aids

  • Lesson Plans & Video Tutorials

  • Project Templates

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