Art Journaling Affirmation Canvas

Students will create an affirmation self-portrait canvas using art journaling supplies that include paper, inspirational words, oil pastels, rubber stamps. They will begin with the process of cutting out positive words to have on their canvas and then collage using the variety of supplies to have their canvas represent who they are in colors and words.


This project will teach students about collaging and using art journaling processes in art. Art journaling teaches students how to explore their own creativity through choices of supplies as well as using 2 types of mediums (journaling/words and art) together.


Students can explore the path of graphic design, a teaching artist and art therapy.


·Canvas board

· Glue sticks

· Papers misc designs, colors

· Ink pads

· Rubber stamps misc designs

· Paper plates for stamps

· Oil pastels

· Washi tape

· I AM word List

· Positive Word List – for this age group


Art Journaling Affirmation Canvas Lesson

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