Stamped Pillow Case

Students will design and create their own stamps which they will use to decorate a canvas pillowcase. Starting with basic shapes like ovals, triangles, and rectangles, the students will mix and match their design elements to create a patterned tree design in the colors of their choice.


When making their stamps and creating their patterns students will be aware of size, scale, and how different shapes interact with one another. They will have to use trial and error to determine the best combination of their shape elements.


Interior Designers are always on the hunt for the perfect piece to complete a room. Working with everything from overall color palettes, paint choices, furniture, and home accents their knowledge spans a range of mediums to create beautiful spaces.


  • Acrylic Paint

  • Sticky Back Foam

  • Foam Paint Brushes

  • Scissors

  • Pens

  • Wood Blocks

  • Paper

  • Pillowcases


Textile Stamping l Pillowcase Lesson Pla

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