DIY Screen Printed Snowflake Hats

Students will learn paper cutting techniques to create paper snowflakes. After practicing and choosing their favorite design they will utilize their paper snowflakes as stencils to screen print the design onto a winter hat.


Working with a partner, students will stretch their own printmaking screens and help each other “pull” prints onto their hats, learning about positive/negative space. Teamwork will ensure project success and strengthen the skills of collaboration and communication between students.


Screen Printers create designs for clothing and posters using screen printing techniques. Whether their designs are created by a local artist, an adaptation of a company logo, or an original graphic design they are able to customize materials and products for a variety of uses.


· Printer Paper

· Pencil or Pen

· Scissors

· Chiffon Fabric

· Embroidery Hoops

· Plastic PVC cards

· Plastic Spoons

· Screen Printing Ink

· Hats


Screen Printing Snowflake Hats Lesson P

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