Fiber Art Wall Weaving

Students will create their own circular looms to weave with different fibers. Using brightly colored yarns and ribbons they will explore this traditional art form while creating a modern wall hanging.


Weaving is a wonderful way to strengthen fine motor skills and promote hand-eye coordination. It also promotes an understanding of fiber art and textiles which make up so much of our daily life including the clothes and accessories we wear as well as other fabrics we encounter daily.


Fiber artists create artworks using a variety of fibers that can include materials like yarn, fabric, string, silk, wool, or cotton. Some fiber artists use their skills to create public artworks and inspire their communities through projects like yarn bombing which is a type of street art that uses yarn instead of paint to make a public statement.


· Cake Round

· Marker

· Scissors

· Tape

· White Yarn

· Colored yarn and/or Colored ribbons


Fiber Art Woven Wall Hanging Lesson Plan

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