Found Object Stamped Tote Bag

Updated: Jul 14

Found Object Tote Bag - Stamped Canvas Tote Bag Tutorial

Students explore the art of fabric stamping working on a blank canvas bag using simple found objects as stamps. The focus of this project will be on pattern creation, inspiring the students to explore repetitive motifs to create a cohesive pattern.


This project flexes creative thinking muscles as students discover and explore the imprints that found objects can create. Pattern creation involves strategic thinking as students plan out how to create repetitive designs.


Textile Designers use many techniques to design fabric that is used to make clothing, backpacks, curtains, sheets, and every other kind of fabric. Without textile designers all of the fabric you see would be very plain.


· Canvas Tote Bags (1 per student)

· Acrylic Paint (1 color only) Black

· Paper Plates

· Scrap Paper for practicing/testing out stamp

· Found Objects for stamping

· Plastic Forks

· Pencils, Q tips, Straws or other small tools for dots

· Random found objects (thread spools, cotton balls, pop lids)

· Paper Towels


Textile Stamping l Tote Bag Lesson Plan

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