Marbled Clay Magnets

Students create custom clay colors while learning how to control the way the clay blends together. After creating a personalized palette of colors they will use different techniques to achieve marbled designs that will be rolled into slabs and cut into shapes using cookie cutters. A magnet will be added to their baked designs to transform their creations into handy décor.


By mixing clay to create their own colors, students will explore color theory and understand how colors blend to make new hues. Clay manipulation techniques like slab building, marbling, and cutting will also give students new techniques for working with clay.


Polymer clay jewelry artists use this economical and accessible material to make unique, wearable creations. Because this type of clay does not require special ovens or kilns to bake it is a material that is easy to use at home and provides endless possibilities.


· Colored Sculpey Clay

· Black & White Sculpey Clay

· Cookie Cutters

· Magnets

· Sticky dots or hot glue


Clay | Marbled Magnets Lesson Planpdf

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