Paint Pour Rocks

SStudents will create a set of 3 abstract painted rocks using a pouring technique. Colors will mix and swirl before their eyes as they watch how gravity pulls the pigment across a 3-dimensional surface.


This project explores working with a fluid medium and how gravity affects paint as it pours over the surface of a 3-dimensional object. Students will experience the cause and effect relationship between how many colors they use in their paint pour, the height at which they pour paint, and the movement they introduce as they pour and how those factors influence the outcome.


Jewelry designers create one of a kind pieces which are wearable works of art. Techniques like paint pouring and other methods are used to create beads, pendants, and stones that mimic rocks and other patterns found in nature.


· Rocks

· Bento Boxes

· Egg Carton Flats

· Dixie Cups

· Tempera Paint (colors + black + white)

· Small Bottles

· Brown trays

· Optional: a clear spray or brush on varnish suitable for outdoors to seal rock


Paint Pour Painted Rocks Lesson Planpdf

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