Printmaking Collagraph Journals

Students will create their own collagraph printmaking plates using sticky foam and small wooden coasters. Their designs will explore the concept of radial symmetry which features a pattern that repeats/rotates around a central point. With just one printmaking “plate” they will be able to create a symmetrical design on the cover of their journals.


Radial symmetry is often found in nature. When a pattern rotates around a center point the design that is created has radial symmetry because the pattern radiates from the center. Some examples of radial symmetry are a bicycle wheel or a cross-section of an orange.


Ink makers and manufacturers create all of the ink that is used to print images on papers, magazines, and even the boxes and packaging we see and use every day. High quality printing ink is created by mixing powdered pigments with other substances like wax and oil to create what is called a carrier. The process of making ink requires both art and science skills to make colors that can be duplicated again and again.


· Blank paper journals

· 4” Wood squares

· Sticky foam shapes

· Block printing ink

· Paper plate or scrap cardboard

· Brayer

· Pencil/Pen

· Scissors (optional)


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