Terracotta Portrait Pots

Students will use air dry terracotta clay to create their own portrait pots. These clay pots can feature the face of a real person or a character from their own imagination. Using hand-building techniques and exploring clay sculpture they will make a functional piece of pottery that does not need to be fired.


Working with clay strengthens both fine and gross motor skills while helping students learn how to represent ideas in three-dimensional forms. By incorporating facial features on their pots they will explore both emotion and the basic facial structures that make faces easily recognizable to the human mind.


Plastic Surgeons operate on a person’s face or body in order to repair or reconstruct the area. In order to properly be able to correct or improve a physical feature they have to have a good understanding of it structure in order to achieve the right result just like a sculptor.


· Terracotta Air Dry Clay

· Clay tools


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