Watercolor Botanical Illustration

Traditional watercolor illustrations start with a careful sketch that is then brought to life using watercolor paints and is created on paper. In this project students will forgo sketches on paper for a sketch prepared by nature. Students will learn how to mix watercolors to achieve a range of colors and will bring impressions of leaves made in clay to life, creating unique botanical illustrations on a 3D canvas.


This project expands the student’s understanding of a painting surface by taking the painting off of paper or canvas and onto a 3D surface. Working in a relief print causes the painting medium to act differently which results in student’s having to think critically about how to apply paint. Color mixing is also explored as they choose which colors to paint their leaves.


Landscapers combine their love of plants and working with their hands to design and put together beautiful displays of plants and flowers. Arrangements are used to make public spaces and homes more beautiful include people’s lawns and public parks.


· Crayola Air Dry Clay

· Leaves

· Watercolor Paint

· Paintbrushes

· Mason Jars/Water Cups

· Plastic paint palettes or Paper Plates

· Paper Towels


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