Watercolor Snowflake Cards

Updated: Jul 9

Students will explore watercolor painting with different colors by using the wet-on-wet technique on greeting card paper. They will use salt and snowflake die cuts to embellish their cards which will create a fun textural element. Students will make several cards and be able to give them to friends and loved ones.


Children who paint with watercolor learn to think with an open mind, as they develop critical-thinking skills by making decisions about what works and what doesn’t work while creating the painting in the process. Lesson will discuss the versatility of fine art skills and possible careers such as illustration and stationery design.


Chemists explore how different chemicals and materials interact with each other to develop new processes and products like makeup, electronics, and medicine. Chemical compounds make up everything found in nature, and a research chemist examines those compounds to see how they interact with other chemicals.


· Mixing palettes

· Watercolor paints

· Water + Water cups

· Paintbrushes for all students

· Lunch Trays (to work on/contain salt)

· Snowflake punch

· Black pens

· Salt

· Paper Towels

· Glue Sticks or glue dots

· Cards / envelopes (4 per student if available + time)

· Rubbing alcohol + glass dropper bottles for each table


Watercolor Paint l Snowflake Cards Lesso

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