Supply Donations

Never ask yourself if you have more than the people around you. Ask yourself whether or not the people around you have enough.

Empowering and unlocking the creative potential of our youth is the ultimate mission at the Creative Plains Foundation. However, it’s equally as important to us that the people in our community are provided with resources they, may otherwise not, have access to. These resources include:

  • Art supplies
  • Writing tools
  • Books
  • Funding
  • Etc.

We proudly donate to a variety of organizations, including the Salvation Army, Peace Corp, local schools, and young artists. Once a month, Creative Plains Foundation will donate supplies to an organization, or to individuals, in need. The individual donations will take place at our downtown location, and will involve youth picking up a free book from our library or a free art supply kit. Discover how you can help.

Creative Plains Foundation’s goal is to supply children with the tools necessary to unlock their creative potential. In order for our community to continue benefiting from the inspiring actions of our youth, we need your help. We accept cash donations as well as in-kind donations of unused books and art supplies including pencils, colored pencils, paint, pens, paper, canvases, crayons, or other art tools.

Your donation is tax deductible and supports access to books and art supplies for young artists. Thanks for your generous support!

If you would like to donate supplies, click here for is a list of items that we need for our upcoming workshops and donations.