Who We Are

Creating A Better Community Through Art and Education

Art. Literature. Education

Creative Plains Foundation is dedicated to helping children, and young adults, spark their creativity through art, literature and education.

Children of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the endless possibilities that literacy and artistic expression have to offer. We believe that these skills can provide a sanctuary for self-expression, knowledge and creative thinking that awakens the inner artist within every child and helps cultivate a love of learning.

With a dedicated team of artists and educators, our mission is to provide access to art and literature through workshops, reading programs, and supply donations. Our hope is that fostering these skills will helps kids unlock their creative potential and develop a steadfast passion to pursue their dreams.

Paper. Pencil. Paint.

At first glance, these items are easy to overlook. They are familiar and to most, easily accessible. However, when used in combination with the right creative mind, they hold – collectively, the power to change the world.

Studies show that early exposure to art produces better outcomes, specifically better performance in schools, higher rates of college acceptance and greater success in future careers. Our world is a complicated and often confusing place. That’s why our K-12 programming is designed to teach children and young adults how to effectively convey personal experience through art.

The books we choose to highlight in our literacy program are hand-selected to stimulate thought, encourage empathy and expose curious young minds to a variety of global perspectives.

At Creative Plains Foundation, we believe that children from all walks of life deserve access to early education in art and literature. We believe in fostering a community that celebrates creativity, challenges convention and strives to create positive social change – using the most simple of tools. We are dedicated to providing these opportunities through a combination of events and charitable giving through donated resources that better the lives of children within our city, and the world at large.