Creative Plains Foundation

Creative Plains Foundation is dedicated to providing art education opportunities that nurture, support, and inspire youth in our community.


Our mission is to provide underserved youth with access to art education opportunities and to nurture the powerful and transformative skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication through visual art. Every lesson, project, and experience we execute is designed to enhance these skills and provide real-world examples of how creativity can manifest itself in a life and career.


What We Do

We provide art education opportunities that nurture, support, and inspire underserved youth in our community.

Why We Do It

Art education produces better outcomes for students including increased academic performance, higher rates of college acceptance, and greater success in future careers.

Why We Care

When youth perform better in school and in their careers, we are positively impacting their futures and are making our community stronger.

How We Are Different

We address a unique and growing need for both arts education and youth services in the Fargo metro area.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to offer opportunities that promote student achievement and better the lives of youth in our community.