Creative Plains Foundation

Creative Plains Foundation is dedicated to helping children and young adults spark their creativity through art, reading, and education.


Our mission is to provide our youth with access to the arts and various educational opportunities. Through classes, reading programs, and supply donations, kids of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the endless possibilities learning these skills has to offer.

Our hope is that these activities will help kids find inspiration and develop a steadfast passion to pursue their dreams.

Why We’re Here

Children learn through visualization, and art provides a great medium for them to express their experiences with the world.

Countless studies have shown that art is extremely important for children’s development, both cognitively and emotionally.

“Studies have shown that arts teaching and learning can increase student’s cognitive and social development. The arts can be a critical link for students in developing the crucial thinking skills and motivations they need to achieve at higher levels” -Deasy & Stevenson, 2002
“A child’s reading skills are important to their success in school and work.” -Kyla Boyse, RN University of Michigan
“Given the fact that word mastery in adulthood is correlated with early acquisition of words, shared picture book reading offers a potentially powerful strategy to prepare children for competent literacy skills.” -Deasy & Stevenson, 2002

Although the importance of art has been well documented, it tends to be the first program cut from schools. Our purpose is to provide kids greater access to art, and art supplies, and provide classes and education to build upon those skills.