At every art class that we offer we witness little miracles. Kids who enter our classroom anxious, hyperactive, closed-off, or full of self-doubt leave with artworks that they are proud of and a renewed belief in themselves. We consider ourselves lucky to offer what we feel is “outreach in disguise”, teaching art to youth who don’t even realize the long lasting benefits they are getting at each and every lesson.

At Creative Plains Foundation we provide art education opportunities that nurture, support, and inspire youth in our community because we take the evidence seriously- studying art can change a child’s life! Every dollar donated helps students express their creativity, learn critical thinking skills, practice collaboration, and find new ways to communicate. All of these factors contribute to better outcomes like increased academic performance, higher rates of college acceptance, and greater success in future careers meaning that those little miracles we see in every class period grow into something much greater. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, we hope you will consider giving the gift of art to kids in our community.

$10 There is power in numbers!

$10 supports our program by helping us purchase the supplies that we need to teach and every donation helps bring our programming to life!

$40 Cover a class!

$40 covers the costs of a high quality art class for a child

$100 Help them keep creating!

$100 sponsors a tote bag of high quality art supplies for one student to take home and keep practicing all that they have learned in our program.

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